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+91-80-28360556 Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00 C-96, 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore, India
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Magnetic Separators can very effectively  separate Iron/Ferrous particles from any material within its range. MCI has supplied Magnetic Separators to several thermal power stations in India (NTPC, PSEB, TATA POWER etc). Many magnetic separators are supplied to chemical, food processing industries, ceramics, silica, quartz, glass chips and glass raw material industries. Sugar Plants, etc.

Electro Magnetic Vibratory Feeder is generally used below the storage Hopper/Chute to regulate the flow of material to other equipments in the process to avoid choking. We manufacture feeders up to 200 TPH capacity for all types of free flowing materials and feed rate can be controlled from zero to maximum stepless by variac/thyristor.


High quality material produced by Real Factory backed by support of our expert consultants to fulfill a whole range of applications in the market.

Industrial Metal Detectors are used to detect tramp metallic particles present in the material carried over the conveyer belt for various processes. Even after separation of tramp iron/ferrous impurities using an electro magnet, undesirable non-ferrous particles may still be present in the process material. The metal detector serves the purpose of identifying these non ferrous and also any left over ferrous particles and hence rendering the process material free of any metallic impurities.

Electro Lifting magnets are used to lift ferromagnetic material like steel from one position to another. They are easy to use and are used in various industries, factories, docks etc. These magnets are designed in various size based on the customer requirement. MCI Lifting Magnets of different sizes and applications are widely used by various industrial establishments all over India.


We design special high intensity dipole electromagnets for laboratory purpose. These special magnets generate a constant magnetic field in a given air gap. These magnets can be be designed such that the air gap is adjustable. These dipole magnets can be used to study magnetic material under a fixed magnetic field, studies of hall effect and other laboratory applications and studies. These magnets are custom designed as per requirement of the customers.